Segmenting your Target Audience

Segmenting Your Target Audience

Creating an effective digital marketing campaign today requires several factors, not the least of which is understanding your target audience. Most businesses have some concept

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google analytics for beginners

Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics can track and analyze an enormous amount of information, but putting that information to practical use is key when it comes to making your website work the way you want it to.
Knowing the truth about your visitors and your page performance will enable you to make the most informed, best decisions for your website, decisions that will move you forward and increase your overall effectiveness. And all this information can be found via Google Analytics.

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SEO for Beginners

SEO For Beginners

Must-Know SEO for an Effective Website Have you ever seen one of those Rube Goldberg machines, by the American Cartoonist that depicted devices that performed

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monopoly by the rules

Monopoly by the Rules

It’s been said that the only time anyone actually reads the rules for Monopoly is before a family fight. Since 1935, Parker Brothers famous game

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Brand key to marketing

Brand: The Key to Marketing

For businesses seeking to develop the most effective digital presence, it’s important to think about more than just websites and social media accounts. In fact,

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Sales Funnel Basics

Most people would probably agree that our society is in a time of change. Online sales continue to increase, and many businesses are taking advantage

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