Sales Funnel Basics

Sales Funnel Basics

Most people would probably agree that our society is in a time of change. Online sales continue to increase, and many businesses are taking advantage of this trend. One of the best ways to generate online sales and build your brand at the same time is through sales funnels. They are a simple, clean, user friendly approach to online sales and marketing. If you are interested  in trying out a sales funnel, or if you just want to know more about them,  here are the basics.

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What Is A Sales Funnel?

Simply put, a sales funnel is a series of one-page websites designed to move your customer from A to B to C along a sales path you have chosen. It is a simple marketing tool that allows you to sell your product 24/7 without lifting a finger. A sales funnel highlights one product or service to your customer and enables them to purchase that product or service without getting distracted by or tied up in all the other products and services your company offers. In other words, it is an alternative to websites that offer multiple products or services and give information about your company.

A sales funnel is designed to walk your customer easily and smoothly through the sales process for its product. Sales funnels work for agencies, freelancers, information products, e-commerce, coaching, consulting, network marketing, local and small businesses, bloggers, non-profits, and more. 

How Does A Sales Funnel Work?

If you could see a sales funnel on a piece of paper, it would look like a board game. Imagine the first page (or the landing page) as the start square. The start square is what gets your customer interested. It is what brought them to your site to begin with. Maybe you are offering a giveaway, or maybe they are coming for information. Or perhaps you are offering a product that they have come to purchase.  Whatever your draw is, your customers see it on the first page of your sales funnel. 

But you don’t want your customers to stop there. You want to get them to the finish square. Start is only that – the start. You have another product or service, an even better one, you want them to purchase. But it’s hard to attract them to that product or service right off the bat.

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So from the start page of your sales funnel, you lead your customers to square two. This moves your customer further in to your world. Square two is your plus page. You saw what was on square one, but there’s this too. If customers decide to go with the option on page two, after purchasing the product, they are led to the finish square – the thank you page.

But not everyone will want that second option. In that case, they move to square three – your other option page. Of course you would rather your customers go with what you offered them on square two, but if they just aren’t interested, square three is your chance to still pull them on to your team – without the big upsell. If your customer goes with the option on square three, they are also led to the finish square, your thank you page.

This is just one type of funnel – a sales funnel – that you can set up online. Sales funnels are flexible and can be designed to offer any service or communicate any information to your customers moving your customers through exactly what you want them to see or do on your website. The whole point is to start your customers with something that is comfortable to them and then move them smoothly and comfortably to what you really want them to see. There are as many possibilities for a sales funnel as there are companies who want one, and at Winged Gods we work hard to design the perfect sales funnel for you.

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An Example Of A Sales Funnel.

Here is a sample of how a sales funnel can work. You are a motivational speaker who teaches on effective weight loss, and you want your customers to book you to speak at their events. That is your square two, where you want to get your customers.

To attract them to your page, you decide to give away a free e-book on six simple ways to cut calories every day. Your eBook page is the start square. 

On that page, you capture your customer’s information and give them the book. But you also offer option two, the option you really want where they hire you to come and speak at your event. 

Your customer isn’t really interested in that, so they click no thanks. That will take them to square three – your offer of material recorded live at one of your speaking events. It’s not square two, but it’s better than just the start square.

Whether your customer goes for the live speaking option or the recorded session option, after that they are taken to the final page, the thank you page. And that is a simple sales funnel. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Sales Funnel?

You might be thinking, I already have a website. Why do I need another one? What makes a sales funnel better than the web page I already have. Here are some benefits you can expect to see from a sales funnel.

It keeps things clear for the consumer. They don’t get lost digging through tons of information or going through an entire online catalog. And they don’t get sticker shock the second they land on your page.

This makes the customer more comfortable. When they are more comfortable, they will have a better opinion of you and your company,

Your sales funnel also enables you to connect with your customer at a later time because you now know who they are. Whether they buy that target product or not, you are able to capture your visitor’s contact information on page one, so you can follow up with them even if they don’t make the big purchase. 

How Much Does A Sales Funnel Cost?

Because there is an infinite variety of designs for sales funnels, there is no one cost fits all funnels. But at Winged Gods Creation, we are committed to designing a sales funnel that works for you and that fits your budget. We will be happy to talk you through the process and give you an estimate.

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If you are still unsure about sales funnels, what questions do you still have? Simply comment below and we will make sure you get the information you are looking for. 

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